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Whether it’s your first time building a home or your fifth, you want to make sure you have the right people on your team. With Northpoint Homes, you can put your worries to the side, and let us handle all the construction planning and headaches.

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Is there an area of your home you have always wanted to change or spruce up, but even the thought of all the work that goes into it is overwhelming? Let us help! Northpoint Homes makes sure to do all our remodels and projects the right way, without taking shortcuts that could cause numerous problems for you later. Let’s work hand in hand to bring your dream to life.

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Basement Transformation




Our clients’ experience

Thank you for our beautiful home!

We love it! I appreciate that you checked with us often about what we wanted and corrected things that we felt needed correcting. You do very fine and professional work. We would be happy to give a recommendation any time. Thank you.

Doug & Kay Clark

Happy Client

We rented out our basement to family for more than a decade

And it was in sore need of some updates and fix-up.

I started to do research on various handy-men and contractors, and vendors, and I was quickly becoming overwhelmed at the thought of hiring
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all these different people, let alone wondering if they were any good, or honest. That's when a friend introduced me to Tyson at Northpoint Homes. They came in, took a look, and started to paint their vision for what our basement needed and could look like. I quickly found out that with their decades of experience they had the expertise I needed. It became clear fairly quickly that I wasn't going to need to hire multiple contractors and vendors, I just needed to hire Northpoint, because they could do it ALL. They saved me so much money and headache, and they were unbelievably skilled, efficient, and friendly. I will never hire a different contractor or vendor again, I have everything I need with the guys at Northpoint Homes. They fixed our chimney and roof, they reframed and redid our whole basement, they re-did our unsafe electrical, fixed water problems, leveled our old concrete floors, and did everything for us soup to nuts! Their excellent work allowed us to fetch a higher price when we decided to sell our home, and now I'm going to hire them to help get our new home up the level I want it. These guys can do absolutely anything and everything I need them to, and I know I will get a fair price, and excellent work. I highly recommend the guys at Northpoint. I know I don't ever need to vet another expert or make another call to anyone but Tyson! Thank you Northpoint Homes!"
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Kevin and Malana Clayson
Happy Client

It was a pleasure working with Northpoint.

From start to finish it was a great experience. They were patient in working through the process and vision. Knowledgeable with the ins and out of construction.

J. Fleming
Happy Client

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