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Owner, General Contractor

Tyson has been involved in construction for over 20 years. Born and raised in Utah, Tyson will always call it home. From his first summer job building homes with his father and uncle in the early 2000’s, it confirmed his passion to build and create with his own two hands. After years of gaining hands on experience and learning different construction trades, Tyson continued his education and earned his bachelor’s degree in construction management from Utah Valley University in 2012. Once Tyson gained both the experience and education, he took the required steps to receive his General Contractor’s license in 2016. Ever since then he has devoted his time to pursue his lifelong dream of building people up through his passion of building. What makes Tyson different from other general contractors is his transparent nature, and hands on experience to be able to build from the ground up.  Tyson believes his clients should be able to come home feeling safe and proud of what they have. No matter how big or small the projects are, he always ensures to accomplish an honest day of good quality work. He takes pride in his work because for him it is a true reward to help other people. He is reminded everyday day of how many good people there are in the world. Each project brings a new client, but by the end, they are more considered great friends and family.

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